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Fun Weekend!

No, not talking about this weekend.. Yet. London Furmeet will be posted soon. Im talking about the weekend before. Ravell Wolf popped down to spend the weekend with us, and an amazing fun filled weekend ensued.

Our first day of the weekend out, we headed to Bath. It was rather overcast but ok, we got into town and found the carpark, geared up and walked the city. Its one of the untouched cities from WWII, so much of the old architcture and narrow network of streets still exist.

As we walked around, the weather decided it would misbehave and left us ducking for cover to protect our cameras while others pulled out umbrellas and continued down the street. One girl decided to make the best of the situation and have some fun with rainy day photos.

We decided while they ran around in the rain, we would check out the Roman baths, which is what the city is famous for, and gives it its name.

We did not descend into the baths themselves, the queue for them was quite large. Outside again we made our way to Bath Abbey.

In the south transept of the Abbey stands the tomb provided by Sir William Waller for his wife Jane, who died in 1633. Their effigies lie together and show signs of deliberate damage. Sir William was a leading Roundhead general in the English Civil War, 1642-47. He lost Bath to the Royalists after a crushing defeat at Roundway Down in July 1643. The Royalists occupied the city and showed their opinion of him by attacking his effigy [cited from bathabbey



Once out of the Abbey we continued down to the river. The views here are very scenic and quite impressive.

Found this entrance to a riverside cafe that was rather unique. You need to be about 4 feet tall to get in!

Even with the rain it was a fun day of photographing in Bath

More of the Bath photos can be found at Kai's Bath Set on Flickr"

Sunday rolls about and we're up and at it again on the way to Stonehenge. But first, a fursuiting outing at the Clifton Suspension Bridge. balto_mike grabbed some video and stills of Ravell and myself goofing off in suit.

Now.. On with Stonehenge!

It was pretty windy on the Salisbury Plains where Stonehenge is located, and quite a large group of people were visiting. We still managed to get in quickly and the site wasnt too crowded as to detract from being able to take photos. We literally shut the place down for the night as we were among the stragglers who stayed until the last possible moment. In talking with the security personnel there we learned two things- it is possible to book private visits for photographing, and.. Summer solstice attracts 45000+ visitors in that one day!

More of the Stonehenge photos available at Kai's Stonehenge Set on Flickr

On Monday (bank holiday) we set off for the UK Wolf Trust. They are a foundation dedicated to the protection and conservation of wolves. They also educate the public of the importance of wolves in an ecosystem. They have several wolves on their property that serve as Ambassadors for their brothers and sisters in the wild.

The trust had a big public open day, and had on board huskies from Karluk Siberian Huskies, which you could go in the cages with and pet. We had met up with several other photografurs at the trust, and went into the cage as a group, it was quite entertaining to see 8 photographers descend on a pack of huskies and begin photographing them as if they were celebrities.

Getting to see and photograph the wolves was a perfect end to a fantastic weekend. After leaving the trust, we stopped over at Gav's house to have a drink and a chat, then back home and eventually see Ravell off back to his home. Really enjoyed getting to meet Ravell out of suit, and was a blast suiting with him at Clifton.

Til next time peeps!



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Jun. 7th, 2010 10:51 am (UTC)
Hah, it looks like filming the video was a load of fun for all of you and the passers-by :D
It's really cool to see all the people smiling and waving, willing to take pictures - you actually make their day a better one. I'm looking forward myself to get into suiting sometime in the future. It's such a dose of fun that I cannot miss it!

As for the pics, I especially enjoyed those of Stonehenge. Others, however, were pleasing to watch too. Guess I am going to do some touring around once I settle for good in Britain.

Hope the rest of your stay goes just as amusing as the days described in this post :)
Nov. 18th, 2010 03:21 pm (UTC)
Happy birthday!
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