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Happy Birthday!!

To Niko's builder, media2wolf

Hope its a good one for ya bud ^_^

Bowling Madness

OMG, where do I start? Got back from a month+ long vacation for 2 cons and hanging out with friends, and shortly thereafter our monthly fursuit bowling meet took place. I missed the July meet from being out of town, but wow this group is growing. 70 furs in attendance at US Play, along with some 14 fursuiters. Not bad at all.
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When on the beach, use sun block!

As a photografur Im always looking for something fun to do in pictures. My hat's off to JD for being such a good sport and a fun character to photograph at the FA:U convention. JD put on his swim trunks and with the help of a willing beagle we recreated the old coppertone ad hehe.... View at my FA page or...

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Themed Photoshoot

Hey everyone, I have an idea for a unique photo op at the hotel, and was wondering if any suiters would be up for such sometime sunday afternoon? Im still working on getting all the materials I wold need, but need to know at this point if we could get a couple handfuls of suiters on board for this?

Join Kai Quickpawz and The MobFURS

Join the best and fastest growing furry mob out there! http://www.myspace.com/kai_wulf Add me and Ill send you a request.

MOBSTERS... The only game on MySpace that will break your kneecaps.

Happy Birthday!

To my friend Firestorm Six!

Hope its a good one bro ^_^ *hugs*

Dunno how I skipped around North Dakota

Stolen from bucktowntiger

visited 48 states (96%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or determine the next president

Ive been in every state except North Dakota and Hawaii. Diving has taken me to several other spots in the world, including the Bahamas, Caymans, Turks & Caicos, Aruba, Belize, and Australia. Im hoping soon to make travels to Europe and Galapagos, and would really like to get to Australia and Alaska again.

Post AC Report

Well, the con is over and Post Con Depression is deep set, I want to be back among the company of all my wonderful furiends. It was a whirlwind experience, but omg so much fun. I didnt get to do everything I wanted to but who can in such a huge con, theres so much to do, especially with suiting, you find yourself entertaining everyone else and you kinda get caught up in it all, but theres always others cons and next years AC to do more. Just wish sometimes that these things could last longer, once you get there and get going, its time to go.

Thursday we pull in about 11am, there were already several in suit hanging about the lobby, i grabbed the camera while my mate and rev went back to the airport to pick up another fur. The hotel wouldnt let anyone in rooms until 3pm, so it was mostly hang around and take pics, talk with the other furs I know, and then I got in the registration line, waiting for them to open. I went in as a sponsor this year and I highly recommend it for anyone considering going. I would have pre-reg'd but my bank had some issues from a bogus transaction. I got in touch with Media about my suit and he was en route atm, finishing a few things. After we get in the room we pile in and chill a while, then roam around some more, my mate went out suiting, and it was a lot of fun and very relaxed. We went to the rave for a little while, then hit the sack.

Friday rolls around and the real craziness begins. I spent most of my time roaming around with my mate while he was in suit, messing with people and just seeing what all was going on. Media finally had my suit ready so I went to pick it up and got suited, went up and knocked a friends door, he was so ecstatic to see me in suit, I about got tackled into the hallway lol. After we hung out a while I went back to my room and grabbed my mate, we chilled a minute then went to the fursuit dance. OMG what awesome fun that was.

Saturday I went to the dealers den and picked up a few things, then had to get ready for the parade. We suited up and went to get staged at 1pm, AnthroCon once again claims the largest furry convention world record, with 453 suiters in the parade, 3390 registrations, us furries brought 3 million dollars to the city of Pittsburgh! The official picture for the suiters was really cool. I got to go up on the roof, the suiters with less mobility stayed on the same floor to the balcony there, the photographer was shooting from across the river, and they got a riverboat to pass by which all of us waved at, and they snapped the pic. It was kind of disorganized because we didnt really know when the pic was being taken, and that resulted in the suiters on the lower balcony to be caught off gaurd, they apparently were not waving at the boat. I think though that it will still be an ace photo. After we got back down we went to the room and desuited. We grabbed some food and relaxed some I hung out with some friends then later suited back up and went to the fursuit dance and later the rave, I went back and forth from dancing and cooling down for 4 hours, then returned to desuit and hang a while. My mate kinda got drunk and missed the dances, but we caught up later and hung out, walked 9 blocks to grab food at 3 am with some other friends. We were all soooo beat when we got back and crashed hard.

When we finally got up and out Sunday, a lot of the day had passed, but we still got out to suit some, and browsed the dealers and artists again, then caught the closing ceremonies, which was a really awesome time, even tho we knew it meant the con was ending. I went in suit, as did many others. The guest of honor, Disney artistic legend Floyd Norman, got a standing O when called up and his words were very heartfelt and emotion filled. He truly is an amazing person. I got to shake his hand in suit hehe while in the elevator. just an amazing experience. We also raised 4000$ for the charity, the Pittsburgh Parrot Rescue, AC matched and went above with another 5000$ donated to the rescue. These kind of moments are priceless. Afterwards we grabbed foods and suited back up to roam around, I realized I was lacking on picture taking, as suiting was kinda taking over, so I combined the two! Yep, I finally found my groove and a way to shoot a DSLR in suit, so I went around grabbing pics of ppl and other suits which got a lot of attention. I then headed to the dead dog dance, grabbed some pics, then danced til it was over. Last I grabbed pics of and participated in the furpile in the lobby, we became a big furry rug in the middle of the hotel lobby floor haha. After that I got out of suit and hung out with some friends more, grabbed some drinks and talked a while before calling it a night.

The sunlight of Monday heralded the real end and we had to pack up and go. We got on the road about 2 and home around 9. PCD is very real I assure you. I cant wait to suit up and see smiles once again.

Pics that I did get available at http://www.fuzzifotos.com/gallery/

Heres a pic for starters. Its of me and one of my British friends, FoxB

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WE HAVE ..... ARRIVED!!!!! YAY!!

Got in about 11am, offloaded and found out we had to wait to get into rooms, so most everyone padded around the lobby, many of them in suit, so I grabbed a few pics and talked with some of the local PA furs while my mate and Rev went to pick up Terk. Saw a lot of furs that I know, and eventually some of the Atlanta gang came around, we finally got into our rooms and I should be seeing my suit soon, and will likely be out suiting around ^_^


YAY! On the way to AC with my mate riding along with Rev Fox, picking up Terk and we should be at the hotel about noon.