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Fun Weekend!

No, not talking about this weekend.. Yet. London Furmeet will be posted soon. Im talking about the weekend before. Ravell Wolf popped down to spend the weekend with us, and an amazing fun filled weekend ensued.

Our first day of the weekend out, we headed to Bath. It was rather overcast but ok, we got into town and found the carpark, geared up and walked the city. Its one of the untouched cities more...Collapse )

Confuzzled 2010

What an amazing and fun weekend! Back in Bristol now with balto_mike  Even after crashing for many hours after getting home, the energy of this convention is still coursing through me as I review photos, video and sound from the weekend's events. Ive shot 1400 photos and a couple hours of video.

Full story and pics...Collapse )

Oh noez! American invades Britain!

'Ello from the UK! I have arrived safely and am happily with my partner balto_mike Looking forward to a wonderful two months touring the land.

I got through Atlanta security with no hassles and moved along quite quickly, had a chicken pesto panini at Atlanta Bread then through security and still had an hour and a half to spare at the gate, which I used to talk to Mike before departure.

Flight was alright, dinner left a bit to be desired, like a cheap Banquet TV dinner. At least the beer and wine were complimentary. Breakfast was a little better with a cheese and egg english muffin.

Once we got to London we were put into a hold stack and my position on the plane got me a nice tour of the land at 8000 feet. Landing was a bit rough with all the wind, I noticed the pilots were working the flaps quite mad like, least we landed square on the wheels.

Deboarding the plane was easy as well, went through the maze of corridors at Heathrow to border control and stood in a queue for a bit. The length of my stay prompted some additional questions about where I was staying and if I had a job to go back to in the USA. The border agent was very nice and I had a rather enjoyable chat with her before she stamped my passport and sent me through.

After picking up my luggage (the luggage trolleys are complimentary for use in the airport, something US airports need to learn) I headed through customs, nothing to declare, no inspection. I came out to the pickup area and no sign of Mike. I walked down the area and returned, still no sight. So I stood about for a moment and then I spot Jasper Foxx and along with him Mike. Mike hadnt looked my direction and I quickly slipped behind a column separating the rows of benches as they sat down. Jasper spotted me and did an excellent job of not bringing attention to me, allowing me to sneak up on Mike and fuzzle his hair hehe. He arfed and jumped around, saw me and slung his arms around me, we had a great tight hug and a kiss, I was so happy to finally have my arms around him.

Lunch was a bacon cheese burger at Wetherspoons, dinner consisted of fish n chips. We made a few stops on the way back to Bristol, then got settled in and cuddled... I'll leave you readers there, you'll have to imagine the rest ;-)

Today we didnt do a whole lot, but I will report on the Prime Ministerial debate which we watched. I've been keeping up with it with Mike's help, this being the third and final debate before the General Election. From what I make of it, every time Gordon Brown gets on stage here he talks about how he's been in it for all this time and knows how to run things while at the same time talking down about how bad the other two parties' plans are. After shooting himself in the foot yesterday with his behind the scenes comment calling one of his constituents bigoted after she had a go at him over some issues. I think it gives a clear picture who he really is despite his public face. As for David Cameron, he made some really valid points in the beginning of the debate series, but right now I'm not quite sure what to make of him. Some of the thresholds for tax breaks in his proposal dont make sense for the current economy. Nick Clegg however has consistently impressed me seeming to be that outsider finally getting a chance to talk, and he's the one best poised to actually bring this fresh approach to government he proposes. I also noticed that the other two would always work around questions directed at financial information on what amounts and locations of cuts to be made, yet Clegg seemed to be as direct as he could be, outlining things and talking to the questioners, not at the camera and making a canned bureaucratic response. Thats my take on things anyway...

I'll leave you guys now, as it is bedtime for us. Cheers

4th of July in Atlanta

Unfortunately I didnt make it to AC this year, for several reasons, but I did manage to get to Centennial Park for Atlanta's 4th Fest. Damian (Shadow Husky) went as my character Niko Wolf for entertainment and promotional appearances, and was a big hit. I dont know what was more a hit, the suit or the oversize sunglasses I have for him. The crowd got ridiculously large near the end of the day, but we managed alright. It was rather difficult moving 5 feet without being attacked by more kids wanting to see Niko, I think it quite literally wore Damian out. During the course of the day there was all kinds of entertainment and food, as well as live music. It was very well laid out, and for the most part foot traffic wasnt all that bad. The fireworks show was really nice. Afterwards, we stopped off at the Subway and ate, waiting on the traffic to dwindle down. On the way back to the truck, we were greeted by some doggies on their walk, and they took quite kindly to Niko, their masters thought it was adorable hehe.. Anyway, without further ado.. Heres some pics for you....

Happy Holidays

Hope all you out there are having/about to have wonderful Christmases, Hanukkahs, Feliz Navidads, whatever you celebrate the holidays with, I hope they are special and you can enjoy them with the people that are close to you.

~Kai Wulf and the crew at Fuzzi Fotos

Good night out with the KY Furs

Hehehe what a fun evening. Finally got to do some more night life, and this time with the local furs up here in Louisville! Affectionately named CoffeeCon 9000.1, a little over 20 furs met up at the Highlands Coffee House to socialize a bit, then we headed off to Ramsi's Cafe On The World, a very nice little restaurant with world cuisine. I had the Thai noodles, which were pretty good, the peanut sauce however was rather strong, making it a different experience of Thai cuisine for me. My kitsune friend that is here with me had a smoked pork pita sammich, and the husky had a chicken parmesan sammich that looked really good.

The furs here are really cool, outgoing and welcoming. Panda was our first point of contact, he is a very nice outgoing individual, and fun to talk to. (Jai, if youre reading this he says hi ^.^) I spent a good deal of time talking to Alpha and Darktiger, those two are very engaging and we found a lot to talk about. I met several others that I didnt get to talk to much, but I suppose I will get to know them better at the Christmas event.

After dinner we hung out at Carmichael's bookstore, and found some very amusing titles. The 2008 Guide to Getting it On, for example. All in all I had a great night and it was good to finally hang out with some furs again. Theyre wanting me to bring some of the Atlanta flair to their events. This should be fun.. Im going to be up here for a good while it seems.

Stopping the Daily Tweet

Well, Ive decided to suspend LoudTwitter's access to post daily tweets here. If you'd like to follow my updates go to http://www.twitter.com/kaiwulf

Today's Fashion Faux Pas

Whilst sitting in a local inexpensive pizza buffet, this travesty of human ignorance graced us with her presence...

My Bra straps bring all the boys to the yard.. Damn right, theyre bigger than yoursCollapse )

I mean damn... We've all seen the occasional strap showing where a dress strap slipped, but showing the entire bra almost? guess we need to put a basic fashion tips class in school, as apparently there are parents out there who depend on the public schools to raise their kids anyway, a VERY poor choice in parenting if you ask me.... but on the other hand, no, nevermind, im not going there.

Decisions decisions

Was browsing for snacks last night at the local Walmart. Could not for the life of me find Scooby Snacks. Guess the Milk Bones will have to do. Besides, they are sorta tasty...

Abercrombie & Fur

A couple friends (Waya, V.V., Sheppy and Xavier Rottie) made a day out of fursuiting around town at a few locations. For our first installment I give you Abercrombie & Fur, our outing to the mall!