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4th of July in Atlanta

Unfortunately I didnt make it to AC this year, for several reasons, but I did manage to get to Centennial Park for Atlanta's 4th Fest. Damian (Shadow Husky) went as my character Niko Wolf for entertainment and promotional appearances, and was a big hit. I dont know what was more a hit, the suit or the oversize sunglasses I have for him. The crowd got ridiculously large near the end of the day, but we managed alright. It was rather difficult moving 5 feet without being attacked by more kids wanting to see Niko, I think it quite literally wore Damian out. During the course of the day there was all kinds of entertainment and food, as well as live music. It was very well laid out, and for the most part foot traffic wasnt all that bad. The fireworks show was really nice. Afterwards, we stopped off at the Subway and ate, waiting on the traffic to dwindle down. On the way back to the truck, we were greeted by some doggies on their walk, and they took quite kindly to Niko, their masters thought it was adorable hehe.. Anyway, without further ado.. Heres some pics for you....